Mar 1, 2009

060- Lamb or Lion?

When I was a little girl I always liked to try to keep track of March and its Lamb and Lion reputation. The theory was that if it came in like a Lamb it would then go out like a Lion or visa-versa. My problem was that I usually couldn't remember at the end of the month what the weather was on the first of the month... so much for long term memory!

But this year I proclaim that in Springville it is a very lamb-like day. It is 62 degrees again... I could get used to this!

So what sort of day is it in your neck of the woods?



Mom and Dad said...

Are these your choir practice crocus from a week ago? That was so much fun to go with you. I loved the music and you do such a wonderful job directing.
Thanks for a fun time!! Wonderful weekend

leannewitney said...

This post brought me back to 1st grade, with my favorite teacher, Mrs. Volpe. She introduced us to March & Lamb/Lion, and have enjoyed reflecting on that little lesson so many years ago. Thanks for making me smile! :)