Apr 13, 2009

103- Sunrise

This morning I had the opportunity to be up before the sun. Camille's spring break is this week and she's on vacation in CA to see her friends. When she scheduled this flight several weeks ago she was only thinking, "Get to CA at 9am! Yay!!" But yesterday at dinner she realized that meant she'd have to get up at *dark-thirty* ON HER VACATION!

But it was ok... we got treated to a beautiful Salt Lake City sunrise for our troubles. So this photo is courtesy of Camille with the Momma's camera! We make a good team. (But have you ever tried to get a beautiful sunrise photo while you are buzzing down the freeway? Yeah, we have lots of photos of a stupid van! LOL)


The other funny was yesterday... we became aware that our son was out of town so Gordon called Suzi to see if she and baby wanted to come to dinner. When he talked to her she said sure, but Kevin was getting home at 2 pm [Yeah, leave him home... just bring the baby! ;)]


Suzi is the cutest little girl! She showed up in these darling bright pink shoes... WITH TOES TO MATCH! How cute is she?



Lillie said...

I love the sunrise picture. The choir sounded great on Sunday, you are a woman with so many talents. Is there anything you don't do?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wow those shoes are awesome!!! And the picture of the sunsets is amazing! I love UT sunsets/sunrises! Kudos Camilley!

Joanie said...

Yes... I don't do windows!!!! LOL

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Those are CUTE shoes and toes! Love the pink!


Mom and Dad said...

How did I KNOW Sarah would comment on the shoes???????????????
I love the pinks: the sunrise and Suzy's shoes.
I love Suzy's beautiful eyes.
She is a darling girl.