Apr 22, 2009

112- Lickable Tulips

Yes, I can already hear you Miss Sarah, "What is with you and all the licking?!"

I suppose that the only honest thing I can tell my dear niece is that I am just a tactile person... I love to pet fabric and when a color is just looks so delicious I WANT TO LICK IT! Can't you just taste this tulip? Hmm... sweet and smooth, yummy...


Or how about this one? Can't you just smell that faint grape bubblegum flavor?


But my all time favorite lickable color has to be that wonderful shade of raspberry... you know the one? All marbled like a batik fabric! And you KNOW what it tastes like? Yup, sun-ripened and warmed raspberries freshly picked by my big sister Suey a life-time ago in Mom's funny little raspberry patch.

See, I'm not totally crazy for wanting to lick all these luscious colors!

(PS for Grannie Annie... these were taken with my little marsupial-pocket camera as I left the temple today!)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love to TOUCH touchy smoothy texturey things...just not lick them. I worry about where things have been. (I have questionable items thrust in my face often...)

Dean and Sheri said...

How about Tulip Sorbet? Know anyone that has a recipe? Sounds delicious.

Dean and Sheri said...

Okay...this is the second time this morning I've logged on to see the "lickable tulips"! Must be hungry...

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Yeah, those tulips have GOT to taste like a wonderful raspberry sorbet!