Aug 3, 2009

215- August 3rd

I was just getting ready for bed (having decided I WOULD NOT post today) when I remarked to Gordon that this was the easiest August 3rd I'd had in a long time (perhaps the easiest out of the last 28).

I started the day at the Provo Temple where I was richly blessed by the tender mercies of the Lord for my efforts. The rest of the day has been quiet; I read, worked on FamilySearch indexing and fooled around with a quilt. I've talked to Camille, Stuart and Rebekah, but no tears...

Yes, it's been a good day.


This is a pencil sketch done by my sweet sister, Ann a few years ago. It is from my last photo of the kids.


leannewitney said...

I love you. I have been thinking a lot about the tender mercies of the Lord as well. They are too numerous to count some days. I am grateful for them and what they mean to all of us individually.

Mom and Dad said...

Iam so glad for that great blessing for you Joanie. Love you so much!!!
Wish I had done better on the pic!