Feb 7, 2010

038- Mum's the Word

I've been conducting an experiment this winter- to see if regular *basking* will help with my SAD. The evidence seems to show that it is helping but when I go several bask-less days I really feel it. I love the rain, snow, clouds and weather but I realize that I wouldn't be a good candidate for Seattle! ;)

So a few minutes ago I took my camera outside on this very grey day in search of some sign of spring's approach. You know what I found? Mum's the word! Down under the dried stalks of my Chrysanthemum (yeah, try to spell that without spell-check!!) I found the new growth brought out by our warmer (ha, ha 40*) days.

So for today... this is my sign of hope, and who knows- tomorrow the sun may be shining and I can bask again.

038- mum
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Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Well, would you look at that! I don't see my mum sprouts until summer!!!! What a wonderful treat. Now I gotta go "bask" under my reading lamp. :-)

Mom and Dad said...

So Lyne had to get a mum for Mum for Christmas. Of course they let it die at the home -- just kind of petrifying up on the shelf when I finally saw it again. I cut it back with a few inches on each stem and put it on the windowsill. When I was dusting last week, I saw some little red blossoms [like your pretty red plates] winking at me off those poor stubby stems. What a sweet "tender mercy". Yes, it is hopeful!