Feb 12, 2010

043- Daffodil Shoots

Today dawned snowy but is was short lived. It made it all the way up to 49 degrees this afternoon. As I sit here in my playroom I'm watching that soft golden light fade fast as the sun sinks behind West Mountain and the temperature drops.

Just a few minutes ago I had a little walk-about looking for those signs of spring that I long for. I've been waiting for this sign featured here today! My daffodils are shooting up through the frost-heaved ground. I just love the look of the dirt all pock-marked after the snow finally melts.

043- daffodil shoots

Gordon told me earlier that today the only state in 50 that didn't have snow on the ground is Florida... so much for global warming!

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Mom and Dad said...

I love your search for Spring signs, Joanie! How sweet!
Have you noticed that the sun is going down in a different place too? That is what got me through winter a year or so ago -- watching the progress of the sun along the mountains when it came up and went down. Gives me HOPE!