Feb 17, 2010

048- The Creamery

This year I've had to start looking even harder for some new things that I want to include on my blog. I've posted a photo for the last 444 day (can you even believe that??) I've got lots of flowers, somewhat less fauna and a copious amounts of miscellanea... so now I'm looking for the not so obvious things that make up my daily/weekly life.

This-day it is The BYU Creamery on Ninth. I am such a milk baby! I LOVE MILK, half & half is the pip (I drink the little cups they put on the table for coffee drinkers... don't want the coffee, just the half & half!) and thick whipping cream? I think I might faint!

ANY-way about a year ago I stopped at the Creamery to pick up some ice cream on my way home from the Temple. That's when I saw the milk- Hey! It's the same price as milk at Wal-Mart but tastes so much better. So now part of my Wednesday/Temple-day ritual is to stop at the Creamery and pick up milk... and whatever else looks yummy.

048- the creamery
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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Good stuff! I don't think I'm gonna add Farr's to my temple day though...too much of a temptation! Aren't dairies just delicious? I gained back the 20+ pounds I lost on my mission by working at a dairy for 6 months afterward....oh, for the love of soft serve!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I love The Creamery! I SO wish we had one here. You are so fortunate.