Feb 25, 2010

056- Pyracantha

You know one of the things that I like about pyracantha bushes? They are spelled just they way they sound! Seriously, I love their happy winter berries, even though these berries are orange my favorites are the red berries. (no surprise there!)

056- pyracantha
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Ages ago when Gordon and I were first married we had pyracantha bushes at our house. We also had an olive tree. Blast, those olives needed to be sprayed each year to keep them from fruiting; we didn't get them sprayed... so there was a mess on the front lawn to clean up!

Ta-da-da-da! Here they come to save the day... enter our friendly birds. They flocked in and picked up all those olive; as long as they were there they decided to eat the pyracantha berries... but those berries were old and we had a flock of drunk birds. (Where were the Livermore PD to issue some DUI's, umm, FUI's?) You should have seen them party.

I Googled drunk birds and found that this has happened before and since. Silly birds!

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Anke said...

seriously? that sounds hilarious! I love the color, another beautiful shot!