Apr 4, 2010

094- Near Disaster

I've blogged about our General Conference cinnamon rolls before... but today is a little different.

This would be the first time that Camille was making cinnamon rolls *for Kevin*. Yes, we took him some back on Christmas Eve, (when, by the way, he ended up in the hospital! No, it wasn't the cinnamon rolls!) but they are engaged now and it was Camille's day to shine.

While Camille used her *master-baker* skills I cut up some fruit so we would be all ready for a delicious breakfast while we watched the morning session of conference. The plan is to have the cinnamon rolls ready just before conference starts. I was *helping* Camille, who'd gone upstairs for something, the oven was hot, it was time to put the nice, light, fluffy cinnamon rolls into bake. I picked up the pan, opened the oven door, reached to set them on the rack of the oven and...



the pan slipped from my hand (this has NEVER happened before) and fell, plop! onto the partially opened oven door. Do ya' know what happens to light fluffy dough if you drop it? Yup... it knocks all the air out of it. There was a mass of gooey, cinnamon roll dough all jammed down at one end of the pan. BA-STINKIN'-LONIE!! No, I didn't!?

Sadly, yes!

What to do? Well, first, I had to get Stuart to stop attacking the dough (using the voice of the French Chef, Louie, from Little Mermaid). Since the dough wasn't dirty, just flat, I re-rolled the dough, added more butter, sugar and cinnamon and set them to rise a second time. Here they are getting ready to bake THE SECOND TIME. I turned on the oven... but I let Camille go put them in when the oven was hot!!

094- cinnamon rolls

Fortunately, we have a DVR so our conference started about 10:30 this morning instead of 10 o'clock like everyone else!

They turned out yummy and now we have one more story to add to our repertoire of *Joanie Stories*. It's hard being me!

(FYI- this one still doesn't top the shopping at Walmart for slippers with Auntie P story and falls slightly behind the flaming garlic toast!)


Anonymous said...

OK, now I'm salavating for a cinnamon roll. Can we make some when I'm there? Will you teach me?

Glad you fixed them. Like Camille needs anything to make her shine, silly girl.

alexfrankie said...

Can you at least post the reciepe?


Mom and Dad said...

Hey, I am glad you managed to save the day -- or is that dough?
I like the flaming garlic story. I was thinking of that just before you mentioned it!!
You are so much fun, Joanie, and everything turned out Jes' Fine, sounds like!!