Apr 5, 2010

095- Happy Faces

I just love happy spring faces! These happened to be Primroses that live outside the Provo Temple. They just make me smile every time I look at them. It makes our changeable spring weather more bearable because it reminds me that, yes, early spring snow storms will subside and give way to those late spring days with all the flowering trees, bushes, flowers and shrubs that fill the air with their heady fragrance.

095- happy faces
And I just had to add the watercolor filter again.

When I was looking for information on the Primulaceae I found this darling piece of art by Cecily Mary Baker. I just love the whimsy of it. It reminds me so much of the lovely illustrations hung in our rooms as children by Jessie Willcox Smith.

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Anke said...

I have these little books full of images like these. I just love all her flower fairies, they are adorable. Your primrose picture is gorgeous