Apr 18, 2010

108- *Lasterday*

So, lasterday Ryan and Nikki came over to stain the fence. *The men* decided that they would rent a professional grade paint sprayer from Ace Rents in Spanish Fork (as opposed to buying one). I think it took them longer to go pick up and drop off the sprayer than it did to do the job! Gordon says Ryan finished the spraying in about an hour!


Can I just say again how grateful I am for our sons? They are so good to us in doing the little (or not-so-little) jobs that need to be done.

This fence is an excellent example; I am no part of the work force. I just go look and say, "Wow, that looks great!" and then go back inside or go shopping or... whatever! It is amazingly wonderful. For years I was the driving force, the team captain, the go-to-mom (oh wait, they only told me were to go if they were angry... not really- bwahahahahaha). I am so grateful that our boys will just pitch in and do this for us. What a marvelous blessing! And, let me tell you, this *old* mom is very thankful!!

108- fence yard

Isn't this a beautiful sight?


Dean and Sheri said...

Great fence. Wonderful sons. You are a blessed mom.

Laura H said...

Your fence does look nice. I need this done to our swing set. Hmmmm maybe a little hint to the hubby.