Apr 30, 2010

120- Spiritually Fed

BYU Women's Conference was yesterday and today. This is my 4th year attending. I always come away so wonderfully fed and spiritually uplifted.

120- tulips & wasatch Beautiful tulips on the BYU campus with the Wasatch Mountain range in the background.

I was so impressed with my experience that I emailed my family and told them about the rebroadcast of some of the classes so they wouldn't miss out on all of the wonderfulness. (This year they will be rebroadcast on Thursday, 5/13, 1pm and Friday, 5/14, 1pm)

Then two years ago we started a new tradition; Ann and Rebekah joined me for Women's Conference. It was another wonderful feast, but even more importantly we were able to connect as strong *Caraway* women.

Last year Bek and Ann joined me again... sadly, Camille works (what's up with that?) but we did pull her in for Cafe Rio dinner. To somewhat *make up* for the fact that Camille is left out of Women's Conference-party Rebekah stayed with her in her big apartment those first two years.

We've instituted a few traditions that are a must for our successful WC experience. Towards the top of the list is trail mix (must have munchies to keep up our strength as we trek all over campus.) The first year I provided goodie bags; including trail mix, water bottles, notebooks and snacks.

Last year Rebekah made some *Totally Awesome Trail Mix* with humorous results. Ann took the assignment this year, with delicious results, and look who decided to join us again... my nutty little friend. (Since Rebekah was in a different class I took this photo and texted it to her so she could laugh with us.)

120- my nutty friend

This year we had one little change to the WC tradition, Bek came with a whole SUV-full of her friends from Coarsegold so they all stayed in a local motel but we were able to hook up for some of the classes. (How did I NOT get a photo with her in it?)

120- Joanie & Ann

We all came together for the closing address which always proves to be the Creme Brulee of the feast. This day was no exception. We always sing several hymns as a 15,000+ sisters choir in preparation for these opening and closing addresses in the Marriot Center. It adds so much to the spirit.

I quote from my journal-

"Elsie is here!
I am sitting between Bek and Ann singing Choose The Right reveling in the beauty of our blended voices and feeling the closeness of family. I thought, "I wish Mom was here!" Immediately I felt that she was there with us. I wrote the above and showed it to Ann and Bek, then none of us could sing! There is an empty chair to Ann's right!"

Interestingly enough during the opening address on Thursday Ann wrote, "What is the mission of the daughters of Elsie Caraway?" I'm so grateful she would come and join us as strong Caraway women!

120- BYU tulip island


Laura H said...

What a great tradition.

Mom and Dad said...

I love your dear commentary on our very, very delightful tramping-around-BYU holiday!! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and company for those 2 days!!
These are my notes after Sister Beck's opening talk on "Strengthening and Lifting the Family" [and we may have sang "Called to Serve" in there too]: 'the Daughters of Elsie Caraway are called to serve'! [That is for ALL of us Caraway 'girls'!] The thought came to me that way all of a sudden, and I'm sure it was because she had drifted by and tapped me. What a sweet ministration! [Never thought that she might have been sitting next to us like you said she did for the closing session.] Interesting, that Mom made herself known at the beginning and end of Women's Conference. Do you think she loved it??
Joanie, I cannot thank you enough for hostessing this wonderful spring pick-me-up! You are so dear, dearie!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!