May 9, 2010

128- Camille's Shower

(In case none of you have noticed I'm running a day behind... oh well, maybe I will catch up soon!)

128- Camille
Camille and her shower hat! Such a good idea to put it on a hat, I've always just used a paper plate.

Today, Saturday, Camille's new sisters-in-law, Deidra and Amy, hosted a lovely bridal shower for her. You know you are marrying into a wonderful family with that kind of treatment. Amy and her husband, Charlie, run the Timber Wolf grill and restaurant at the Hobble Creek Golf course (and Charlie does magic things with food!) so that was our beautiful location for this party.

128- SIL
Deidra, Camille and Amy

Deidra and Amy had the wonderful idea to have some of the family members bring their favorite dessert for a taster's table, plus fruit, and other yummies. It was so pretty.

Camille got many wonderful gifts from sweet and generous family and friends...

128- spicy

Some of them requiring super-human strength to unwrap...

128- grrrr

It was wonderful to have friends who came from near and far to celebrate this happy day with her...

128- Millers
The Millers moved to our ward when Camille was only two and these girls all grew up together.

128- aunite p
And Auntie P who came special for her Camillie's special day (and to help her frazzled friend!)

At the end of the shower, Shirley, Kevin's mom, read a story she'd written for *Princess Camille and her Prince Kevin*. She also made bookmarks as a take home thank you for all the guests.

128- shirley

It was a lovely day. I'm so glad that Camille has found not only a wonderful man, but a wonderful family to marry. It makes my job of letting go that much easier... not that it will be easy...

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Mom and Dad said...

What a lovely occasion!! Everyone looks so pretty!!