May 15, 2010

135- Long Time Friends

It is so interesting what life does to you! It feels like not so long ago we were the young ones just getting married and starting out life together; now it is the next generation's turn.

We met Star and Shawn when we first moved to Palmdale 28 years ago. We'd had similar life experiences which tends to bond people quickly and closely. Here we are today...

135- not so old folks

Their oldest daughter, Desiree got married today. How can that be? It was only yesterday that we had Desiree and Spencer within a month of each other! In kindergarten they said they were going to get married (we can see that didn't happen!)

135- daddy & daughter

The newly-weds...

135- james & desiree

During the reception that followed we were entertained by these darling little dancers. What a couple of cuties.

135- little dancers

It was a lovely evening to reconnect with long-time friends.

135- sunset globe
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