May 24, 2010

144- The Right Tool

One of my Daddy's favorite sayings was, "You've got to use the right tool for the right job!" I still cringe when I see someone using a screwdriver for a hammer (shudder!).

144- gathering foot

This dandy little tool is a gathering foot. I had one for my old Husqvarna sewing machine that I used up several years ago. My new Elna didn't come with one; enter! Yes, I love Amazon! I found one, ordered it on the 18th and received it today!

Now, just why do I need a gathering foot? Each of the 6 bridesmaid dresses has 10 yards (that isn't a typo, 10... TEN YARDS) of tulle on the bottom. I did the first one (Desi's) the normal way and thought, "I can't repeat this 5 more times!" Not to mention the three little girl dresses that have 6.67 yards of tulle each.

Yes... this is a very nice tool! I'm a happy pajama-clad sewer this day!

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