May 26, 2010

146- No Magic!

Remember just a few days ago (Day 141 to be exact) when I showed where the magic happens? Well there was no kind of magic happening in here today unless you count the carpet cleaning guy! Doesn't this room look painfully clean and bare? Yikes, I don't think I can even have a creative thought until I get the rest of my *stuff* in here. (Well, that's not true... I thought up this post and I think that's pretty creative.)

The saddest part about getting the carpet cleaned, aside from the fact that I spent a good part of the day yesterday cleaning before it gets cleaned (why do we do that?) which threw me into a allergy fit, is that you can now clearly see where I knocked my very hot iron off the ironing board and melted the carpet. Sad... sad... sad...

146- no magic

On the up side! I LOVE HOW CLEAN EVERYTHING IS!! Look at my sparkly blinds. So maybe I was wrong... there was some magic in here *this day*!

(Bwahahahaha... I just went to tag this post and found that not ONCE in the last almost 3 years have I ever written about cleaning. Perhaps cleaning and housework just isn't that noteworthy!)

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