Sep 19, 2010

262- Diapers IN Haiti

Meet Gary!  He is one of the first diaper recipients in Haiti.  Look at that bright and happy face. I just want to just pick him up and love him!

262- gary

Doug and family came over for dinner tonight, the first time since he returned from Haiti. He brought his photos. The minute I saw this one of Gary I knew he was going to be the *poster boy for our diapers*.

Doug delivered the first dozen diapers in Haiti when he was there last month. Even though he broke his right arm, both bones right at the wrist, the day he got there he served the Haitian people with his sweet smile. Here he is giving diapers to some of the ladies at the tent orphanage, yes, tent orphanage!  Notice that the ladies are holding some diapers.  He is holding little Gary. 

262- tent orphanage
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Another 56 diapers went with the first group of Healing Hands for Haiti last week and more are headed with the next *wave* going this week.

We have our last diaper sewing night this coming Thursday. Marie will depart the following week.

Remember that challenge I gave the ladies? Let's just say we made it and then some! At last count we have 339 AIO diapers plus another 11 dozen regular cloth diapers. What a blessing... for us and for the Haitian orphans!

EDIT from Doug-

I just read your blog about the diapers. Thanks again for sending them with me. At the risk of sounding picky, most of the orphanages I went to were in tents since the buildings had either been severely damaged or leveled by the earthquake. What really set that particular orphanage apart for me was the fact that they were literally in the middle of a field, they never had a building. Do what you will with that information :-)

I love you- Doug


rfamilyfun said...

What a beautiful child! Too bad we can't take them all home!
So good to see your hard work helping.

Mom and Dad said...

How fun that Doug got to go!
What a wonderful project, Joanie!

Cody said...

Gary's face is just too cute! And those eyes! What color would you call that? And how in the world did Doug break his arm?!

Joanie said...

He slipped on some wet tile stair and broke it trying to break his fall! Yikes. Gary's eyes? maybe blue... denim blue.

Anke said...

Hubby used to go to Haiti to give medical care before we had the kids. He always loved it there! He told me the people were just so happy all the time, figure that! What a wonderful thing you are doing!