Sep 24, 2010

266- BIG and little

or you could say...

  • tall and short
  • new and old
  • manly and girlie

I went down to the church to be set apart for my new calling**.  When I came out these were the only two cars in the parking lot! Little, cute, dependable, economical, red Beatrix and Brother Clyde's red manly-man truck. It made me laugh right out loud!

Now do you want the second piece of funny information?  Brother Clyde is 6 foot 7 inches... I'm 5 foot 3 inches on a good day.

266- big and little

** I am very excited about this new calling!  I will be teaching the 15-year old Sunday School class!  I haven't taught SS.  I love to work with the youth and the kids in our ward are outstanding.


Skinner Family said...

That is Clay's calling, same age too. Maybe you can give each other tips :)

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

What a great calling!!!!! I love teaching the teenagers like you do. It's like teaching Seminary except you don't have to teach 5 days a week! Bonus!