Oct 8, 2010

281- Triple D

We occasionally watch the TV show Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives. Unbelievably they've done a couple of segments on restaurants in Salt Lake City. Several years ago they featured Red Iguana.  We went, we ate, we saw... yeah, we thought it fell into the category of over-priced dives.

Lasternight we saw a segment on Pat's Barbeque and Catering. One of the first things I did was Google it and read many of the reviews; there was a mix of good and not so good.

Can you guess what we did today? And Friday just happens to be the day of the *burnt-ends* special (This was featured on DDD). It's located in an industrial park at 2100 S and West Temple.

So what did we think? Hmmm... not my favorite. For my money I'd rather go to Famous Dave's. One of the common complaints I read was *the food was cold*. Although my *burnt ends* (twice smoked beef brisket) was warm enough, the cornbread was refrigerator cold. But my biggest complaint was that the meat had that telltale lighter fluid taste. I can't like that. (And yes, it falls into the category of my being able to sniff-out drugs at the airport! bwahahahaha)

This sign lives right in from of Pat's... that pretty much expresses my feelings on smoking.

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