Oct 21, 2010

294- The Girls

Ages ago, the early 90's when we all had smallish children and needed a break, we started the tradition of a girls-getaway weekend. Those first years we went to a *cabin* in Big Bear City, CA. (Yeah, and that cabin was bigger than any of our houses!) We crafted, we sewed, we watched movies, we cried, we hiked, we laughed, we ate out and frequently embarrassed ourselves (well, usually just me!)

Wanna' hear the story?

We were waiting to be seated at IHOP. I bought a bouncey-ball from one of the quarter machines to take to one of my grandsons.  Of course, I had to play with it. I bounced it higher and higher. I gave it one last almighty throw and it bounced straight up and BROKE ONE OF THE FLORESCENT BULBS! and you know how they explode. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough  another *lady* waiting to be seated got her video cam up in my face and mocking what I'd just done... yeah, I went for a walk down by the lake and cried!

But I regress (yes, and in more than just my behavior!)

Here we are nearly 20 years later... older, wiser but still having lots of fun with each other.

294- old girls



Anke said...

How wonderful to have friends like that!!! I loved your story, you should have hit the lady with the camera, good grief! I love the photo with all of you, nice to see you! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm totally giving you one of those uber big super bouncy balls! Just have to find the right one....