Oct 31, 2010

304- Sugar-Plum Faeries

This whole post goes back a long way! At first I would tell you that it goes back to Roxie's 4th birthday party 2 weeks ago, but that isn't really accurate. It really goes all the way back to when I was Roxie's age (which is 54 years ago!)

But I will start at Roxie's birthday party. The whole family was invited to the Lewis' for cake and festivities. Roxie is one of the most excitable and expressive little girls I know (not too unlike her Grammie!). She loves all things princess and frills. We got her a Snow White Barbie doll but Namma (Kaye, Doug's mom) brought the favoritest present! A darling frilly pink tutu with little pink leggings to wear underneath. Princess Roxie-Snow White immediately took off her Snow White dress and put on the tutu. She literally jumped and danced with glee. Kaye and I discussed how fun it was for little girls to have a tutu... then I said, "I want a tutu! Bwahahahaha, but then I would look like a Disney hippo in a tutu! bwahahahaha!"

That was when my plan was hatched! Why couldn't I have a tutu? I'd rescheduled Grammie Dinner from the 3rd Sunday to Halloween day. What a fun surprise to greet the kids at the door in my fancy Grammie-tutu!

I set to work to *build* a Grammie-tutu! Can you believe it? There wasn't ONE pattern at JoAnn's for a Grammie-sized-tutu! So I did what I do best... wing it. I purchased a bunch of tulle and set to work. I spent most of the day Friday laboriously gathering ruffles and sewing my tutu... the results? I didn't like it so much. So Saturday, after working an extra shift at the Temple, I came home, cut up all of my hard work and made this tutu. WHY DIDN'T I JUST DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Who knows?

304- grammie tutu
Notice the brown leggings to go under the Grammie-tutu.

The minute I put it on yesterday I could hear the music from Nutcracker- Dance of the Sugar Plum Faeries in my mind I looked long and lithe as I pirouetted across the stage.  I even danced to the door at the first knock, threw open the door and saw... nope... not grand kids... but a very amused friend, Marie!

This is how I felt (see... long, lithe... but I've been cheated in the legs department!)

304- ashton tutu
Sweet Ashton in a quickly altered Grammie-tutu (aka- tighten the elastic).

But reality is that I am a 58 year-old Grammie and do truly resemble that hippo in a tutu.

But in my heart of hearts I am still this sweet little girl who wants to grow up and be a ballerina...

304- circa 1958
Ann, Mom, Sue and Joanie at Burney Falls circa 1958


Shan said...

Grammie, I'm super-sad that I missed it! I was so excited to come to Grammie dinner, but then I got sick and was home feeling a little like death warmed over. I looked like it too which was very appropriate for Halloween I think.

Jessica said...

What a sweet post. I love the tiny Grammie picture in the same pose. Precious.

Dean and Sheri said...

Oh Joanie! I just LOVE YOU!

Mom and Dad said...

Oh, dear, what do I say?? I love the little girl who used to turn her toes under to be a toe-dancer. I love the nutty sister who makes Grammie-tutus. Don't ever change, Joanie. The world NEEDS you to delight in!! Thank you for sharing Pictures! How choice!!