Nov 11, 2010

315- Quakies

When they first built our tract of homes nearly 20 years ago one of the popular landscape trees was the Quaking Aspen... sadly at our low-4800 feet elevation (do you catch the sarcasm there?) the quakies don't do well, get diseased or insect infested and have to be removed. (It seems silly that 4800 feet isn't high enough, but, there you are, it's not!)

Most of the homeowners have had to remove their dead and dying quakies; we did back in 2006... all 8 of them!

BUT... my friend down on the corner, who happens to love quakies, just planted some a couple of years ago. What a treat to see these beauties. I took a little explore in the 20 minutes that the sun decided to peak out this afternoon and captured them.

315- quakies

Winter is trying very hard to move in... but I'm still enjoying the glorious fall colors.

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