Nov 16, 2010

320- Juventa's Bollo Jug

In 1950 Gordon's family moved to post-war Germany, his dad was a Foreign Service Officer there. While they were there his mom, Juventa, took advantage of the opportunity to purchase some of those beautiful uniquely-German items. When she passed away almost 8 years ago we were lucky enough to inherit her Bollo Jug.

320- bollo jug

I've loved this beautiful set from the very first day but in Palmdale we didn't have anywhere to display it... it hid in the depths of our corner cupboard. When we moved here I knew the perfect place for it! On top of our cabinets. It is the perfect display area with our 11 foot ceilings.  Sadly not too long after that Gordon surprised me by putting up crown molding around top of the cabinets... the only problem is that now the Bollo Jug was hiding again!

I got the bee in my bonnet late this afternoon to rearrange my dishes in the cupboards. You know how these kinds of jobs just morph out of hand? It wasn't long before I was standing on the counter with the vacuum (also on the counter) vacuuming off the top of the cabinets... can you say G-R-O-S-S?

Well, as long as I was there I might as well remedy the problem of the hiding Bollo Jug. I cut up a half sheet of plywood to create a raised shelf up there. Gordon helped me lovingly and carefully wash up the Bollo Jug set. As I was replacing them, all clean and shiny, I could feel that Juventa close by and know that she was very pleased with her beautiful 60 year old purchase.

320- bollo jug set

I decided that the other set of cabinets also needed some decorations, I'd unearthed some treasures that I thought might be fun to have out. I moved the two red pieces from the top of the fridge (another eww, g-r-o-s-s! Hey I'm only 5'3" on a good day... I just don't think to haul a step stool upstairs to take a gander on top of things. I was talking to Ann while I was doing this and she said I could see the top of a toddler's head. bwahahahahaha), an old tiered-cake plate that belonged to my great-aunt, a wonderful wooden box from a sweet and thoughtful friend, Mama's bean jug, one of her serving dishes, and my apple skin from last fall. I love it!

320- other cupboard

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Anke said...

What a wonderful set, so full of memories! It looks really good where you placed it, love it!!!