Nov 26, 2010

329- Some Favorite Thanksgiving Things

In the forty years that I've been married I can count on the fingers of one hand, and still have fingers left over, how many times I HAVEN'T been the cook! I think we had Thanksgiving at my Gramma's house in 1972 when Tony was a baby. I also know that we had Thanksgiving with Auntie P in 1986.

My point is that I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner A LOT! But that isn't a complaint...  it is a statement of familiarity. So, as I was cooking, pretty much alone, (which I've also not done for several years) I decided to capture some of my favorite cooking-Thanksgiving-dinner-moments:

One of the special-dinner things I always make is orange rolls. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! the smell of oranges! It is on of my favorite fragrances... I think heaven just might smell like oranges!

329- orange peel

Here's a first! On Sunday Stuart had a Fakesgiving with some of his friends and I asked him if he wanted to make orange rolls. He was a very quick study so he made them again today!

329- stuart

This is usually my *first smell* of Thanksgiving. I love the smell of onions, celery and carrots sauteing! How could any thing that starts with these simple, wholesome ingredients not be yummy?

329- stuffing veggies

I've never been one who wants anything except Turkey on Thanksgiving. (No ham thank you!) How can you go wrong with a beautiful bird like this? Years ago I learned about the Reynolds browning bag. I get a yummy, moist bird every time and in half the cooking time.

329- turkey

Anyway... these smells made me very happy on this busy and tiring Thanksgiving day.

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