Feb 21, 2011

Mom, You Really Are The Little Red Hen!

I mentioned earlier that Gordon got me a new Bosch mixer. I love it! I realize I didn't NEED it, but it is wonderful.

Since yesterday was Grammie-dinner AKA 3rd Sunday family dinner I decided that I wanted to make some wonderful whole wheat rolls. So after church I ventured into the dungeon to get a can of wheat... from 1978 (oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about)! I had to really dig to find my Magic Mill II which was lurking in the back corner of my pantry; poor thing hasn't seen the light of day for a decade! I pulled out my Madge May Whole Wheat Roll recipe from 1974. She was a sweet lady I knew in Priest River, Idaho who helped me learn to bake good whole wheat bread and rolls.

Fast forward through the mixing, shaping, while the home teachers were here, making a cake, in the new Bosch, turning chunk pineapple into crushed pineapple with the food processor attachment (what? that's not a fast forward?) Camille and family arrived just in time to see me putting the rolls into the oven.

"Mom, are those Rhodes dough rolls?


"Jessica's rolls?"



"I got wheat from the dungeon, ground it and made my very own rolls!"



The other fun thing is this...

"Holy Deer-Poo, Grammie!" Doug cracks me up.

20- deer poo

But you know... he's right!  When the snow melts  this is what my lawn looks like!


Dean and Sheri said...

I love the story shorts you tell that go along with things...you know...like Mary Madge. We also have vintage wheat in our basement from Dean's family's storage when he was a kid. I think some of it is circa 1972! And those rolls look D-LISH! The deer poo...not so much.
Love from up North. Sheri

Anonymous said...

Next time you're in the neighborhood, we will try this with my wheat. Now I have double food storage since we moved the folks storage to our shed. I'll have to get out my wheat grinder and see if it still works. You inspire me. Well, we'll see if it really happens.
Love the pics and the evidence of deer in the yard. All we get are nasty old dog reminants. ick!