Feb 24, 2011

Oh, Grow Up!

I don't want to and you can't make me! So nyah!

Well, that wouldn't be any fun! I love the saying, "I may be getting older, but I will never grow up!"

Ever since Namma got Ashton mismatched socks I've wanted some. To show you how desperate I was I even bought self-striping yarn, needles and a free pattern (hmm, how does one buy a free pattern?) all for the reasonable price of $20 (what was I thinking? I've since returned it all to Hobby Lobby!) and was going to make myself a pair of fun socks, which would have matched...

Tuesday I had Grammie duty at Lewis Zoo which just happens to be close to Target. So when I was finished with my duty I decided to go wander aimlessly at Target (one of my favorite activities!).  I came upon a whole display of the coolest socks ever. So, thinks me, I can make my own pairs of mismatched socks! Yay, little Joanie!

24- footies

So I bought several pair of MATCHED socks (silly Target, that's the only way they sell them! for $2 a pair) and brought them home to mix and match as I desire... and you know if someone tells me my socks don't match I can just tell them-

"That's ok! I have another pair at home just like them!" bwahahahahaha

24- socks

PS I've decided this is the winter version of cute toe-sies!


Sweet P's Blog said...

As always you have the best ways to be happy and share it. I'm gonna get me some socks so I can be you. I'm so happy to see you blogging. love you and miss you P

Dean and Sheri said...

Joanie...you are PRICELESS.

Anke said...

so we have the green light to mismatch socks now? I always yell at DD for doing it (she is too lazy to keep track of her socks) and now it's fashionable? Yikes! Actually the look is quite cool! :)