Feb 6, 2011


Early last week Maxine called me to ask if I would be willing to teach the Relief Society lesson today. I agreed and then asked what the lesson was on... hoping it wasn't another *hard* lesson. I was thrilled to find out it was on work. I read through the lesson several times during the week to familiarize myself with the material. By Thursday I was kicking myself and asking, "Why did I say yes? Dang!"... I'm to busy working! bwahahahaha!

So lasterday morning found me with a bowl of oatmeal and the need to finally put the finishing touches on my lesson. As I prayed for help on this subject I knew I needed a way to present this information in a happy way.

That is when I saw this:

2-6-11 work

It came as a complete picture... very close to what you see here (I deleted the stems... too cumbersome). I dug into my copious amounts of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and found these happy colors (get-back Michael's... I'm ready for the competition! I never have clearance!) Since I already knew what this was supposed to look like it seemed easy to translate it to paper and from my Tole painting days I could add the fun line work... now it was mine... but the idea was given to me.

I'm always amazed at how good God is to me! But I'm not sure why I should be... He always is if I will just ask!

This was a dear lesson for me. I was taught the Eternal principle of Work by my goodly parents. They not only taught me the HOW but they taught me the WHY and the LOVE! What a wonderful blessing!

If you'd like to see the text for today's lesson you can go here.


rfamilyfun said...

Wish I had been there, I bet it was an incredible lesson.

Anke said...

How did it go? I bet you were awesome! I can't believe how few posts you have lately. Are you okay? You need to go back to the photo a day girl! :) I miss your fabulous photos!