Mar 26, 2011

Flying Llamas

This afternoon Gordon and I needed to run an errand to Spanish Fork JoAnn's and I just needed a Teriyaki Chicken sandwich at Carl's.  As we drove past Sonic's I saw on their marquee Festival of Colors. I'm glad I saw that because if I hadn't I would have been totally unprepared for what I saw inside.

26- colorful girls

The first person I asked turned out to be a Japanese speaker who didn't understand the question,

"What is the festival of colors?"

Her response, "Orange, pink, red." Accompanied by fluttery fingers.

So I tried the girls pictured above. They told me that it was a celebration at the Hindu temple (actually, it is Krishna) where bags of chalk in a myriad of colors are thrown at each other then on the hour there is a gigantic explosion of chalk shot into the air.

Gordon says, "Color fest at the same place as the llama fest?"

At which point another customer piped up and said, "Yeah, that's when they shoot llamas in the air!"

We all busted up!


Jennette said...

Thanks for the blog feature. Super cute! I also see you're LDS, that's awesome. All 3 of us are too. ^_^

Anke said...

very cute! I just saw some other posts somewhere about this festival. Lots of colors indeed!
How nice that you got to visit with your family, good for you!! Love the quilt undertaking, I am not a crafty person with needles, so that wouldn't be for me for sure! :)