Mar 6, 2011

Winter Escape

When I was a little girl one of the things I like best was having someone read to me. Now that I'm a big girl... I wish there was someone who did want to read to me besides Jim Dale! But lacking an aloud reader I find much enjoyment reading. I love to curl up on my bed or in my big chair and read the afternoon or evening away. As long as there are good books around I don't think I could ever be bored!

My Daddy used to read to me and one of his favorites was Little Britches by Ralph Moody. I know that I've read a couple of his books in the past, notable Little Britches.

But it wasn't until this time around that it finally hit me WHY my Daddy liked them so much. Daddy was born in 1897 (nope, that's not a typo!) in the Texas panhandle. Ralph Moody (born 1898) moved to rural Colorado when he was 8 and ended up being the Man of the Family by age 10. Although Daddy wasn't left fatherless at a young age he and Ralph Moody (and Ralph's dad, Charlie) had that same sense of resourcefulness! They could fix anything with practically nothing and were always having adventures. AND they loved to relate their adventures to a willing audience.

So this time around reading Ralph Moody's series of books has been just a bit like sitting on Daddy's lap and listening to him. It's been a comfortable feeling.

6- ralph moody


Dean and Sheri said...

Oh, Joanie...I so love posts about your "Daddy". I feel like I've gotten to know him a little through the stories of him you've shared. Thank you.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Don't know if you've ever tried the Artemis Fowl books...but they're pretty fun and all on CD now AND the narrator is fabulous. Might wanna check them out...I like them :)