Apr 22, 2011

Toas-Tite Nostalgia

Today was our first one of our first sunny warm days this month (I think we many have had one other day)! I knew I needed to get out and do yard work. Work is good for my soul this time of year**!

I was nearly finished with my work and was thinking how hungry and thinking *Hmmm, what to eat?* All of a sudden it popped into my mind... Mom's sandwich maker that lives on the top shelf of my pantry, which I'd just seen on Sunday when I was putting things away after family dinner.

So, I have to know, how many of you know what a Toas-Tite is, or have one? A quick Google search found this cool old ad.

22- toas-tite ad

Now, for those of you who don't know what a Toas-Tite is I will show and tell right now. Here's mine-
I inherited it when my Mom died 34 years ago.

22- toas-tite 1

You start by buttering one side  of two pieces of bread(when I was a girl we used to do both sides, but I'm trying to cut back!), add your filling- mine is leftover ham from Sunday dinner and cheese. Scootch the filling towards the middle so it stays in the samich.

22- filled

Close the Toas-Tite and trim off the excess bread.

22- trim

Scoop it all together and if you are really nice...

22- trimmings

Put it into Harley's bowl for a nice puppy treat.

22- harley treat

Then put it on the stove. Gas works so much better than electric.

22- toasting

Turn it several times, making sure to keep the flame low so it doesn't burn.

22- toas-tite

Tip it out onto your plate, pour yourself a cold drink and get ready to enjoy!

22- samich
KID'S PLASTIC-WARE FROM IKEA! bwahahahahahaha)

Enjoy the yummy meltiness of this samich and remember a happy time 50-some years ago when your Mommy used to make it for you.

22- eating

Happy samich... happy day.

** Tony's birthday was yesterday, feeling sad this day.


Pauline said...

That is soooo neat. I want one, a sandwich and the sandwich maker. Might look into it.

Hugs for you on your sad day.

Love P

debra said...

Now that looks like the handiest little kitchen gadget things I've ever seen! And I love your words... samich! You make me smile!!!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

That's so cool that you still have it and use it!!! I recognized it right away. I can almost taste the cheese-covered ham now. <3

Camille said...

I remember that thing, I think about it every time I think about grilled cheese sandwiches. But I had no idea it was called a Toas-Tite!

Laura H said...

I hope Toas-Tite make a come back in the Infomercials soon!

Anke said...

around here they call them mountain pies LOL. So very cool, I love all those yummy shots!

Anonymous said...

I have one just like it that i got from my grandparents & I love it.. I also take it when im camping out. great tool....