May 31, 2011

More Happiness

Several years ago I became aware of this faux stained glass window film at Home Depot and wanted it! I love the Clematis design. At the time I was planning on doing all three half circle windows on my house and decided it was just too cost prohibitive.

Ah, but now I have my *happy room*! And it just begged for this beautiful window to go in my happy new blue office.

31- faux stained glass

It wouldn't be difficult to apply if I WEREN'T DYSLEXIC! I thought I had the first piece right, put it up... nope, couldn't make the second piece match. Took down the first piece, fooled around with it on the table and FINALLY figured out I was right the first time... but for some reason couldn't make the pattern match (reference the dyslexic comment above! Welcome to my life!) Anyway, I was able to eek out the 60" x 30" half circle window using only two rolls.

I love it! It makes my happy nest even happier!


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

So very pretty! I don't think I could have tackled that job myself. Kudos to you!!!

Jessica said...

I LOVE it!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

It is gorgeous! I can't imagine doing that myself, but it looks amazing!!!