Jun 30, 2011

Gordon's Gal-Pal-Sal

The other night we took a drive up Left Fork (Hobble Creek Canyon) I came prepared with my super-zoom lens and I wasn't disappointed! Usually that means I found some wildlife; but this time it was the domesticate variety that caught my attention.

We stopped to see several herds of horses. There are always a few brave creatures who come over to the fence to get a scratch... but I've never seen this before with a stranger...

"Look at this! This horse is licking me!"


Sure enough this pretty palomino mare was giving Gordon a good cat-bath!


Does she have a male owner? Does he smell/taste like Gordon? (She wasn't interested in the way I smelled!)


I pointed out another horse to Gordon and while his attention was distracted Gal-Pal-Sal checked out his pockets. (Let's just say those pants went to the laundry when we got home!)


Gordon became so attached to her that he named her Pal, the palomino. Then later in the evening he changed it to his pal, Sal. (We laughed about the non-originality of the names!)

Lastly, a beautiful canyon sunset! It doesn't get much better than this!



Cindy Garber Iverson said...

That's really adorable. I've never seen a horse lick someone the way Dee Dee licks Brent. Too cute.

Anke said...

Maybe salt? My DD would have been in heaven! This is just so adorable!!!

Jessica said...

What great pictures! My favorite is the one of Sal whispering sweet nothings into Gordon's ear. :) The kids got a big kick out of them, too! Sophie was very interested and kept saying, "Is it?"