Sep 25, 2011

C & K Wedding Album

Last week I got an email from one of the companies where I've published my books. They offered me a 40% off discount if I'd get my act together and finished an existing book. Well... how can a girl pass up a deal like that?

I started working on Camille and Kevin's wedding album a couple of months ago when we finally got the photos they had taken (deep sigh!). This was the impetus I needed to get serious. This is one of my favorite pages.

title page

And here is another one...


If you'd like to look at the whole album click here.

(I had fun with more textures from Kim Klassen!  I talked about her when I was working on this photo of Camille for the album.)


Emily said...

I just looked at the whole book! I just LOVE how it turned out! They will love this forever!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I had to poke around and look at the WHOLE thing :) Gorgeous, Auntie!!!