Oct 6, 2011

Snow in October?

I know that we have unpredictable weather here in Utah... but this snow storm took me by surprise. *Fritz* said the snow was only supposed to be down to 6000 ft... but he was wrong! We got it here at 4800 feet. I think I may have gotten a little discouraged except they are predicting temperatures back in the 70s next week.

I loved the heaped up snow on my potted plants.

snow on deck

I started to get worried about my trees, but by 2pm the snow let up...


But, BUT doesn't this look beautiful?

front snow


Laura H said...

I'm really not a snow person but that does look pretty. Vegas should hit 90 degrees this Thurs.

Pat said...

It is pretty, but I hope we don't get an early snowfall.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I am sooooo happy that hasn't hit us yet in Ogden...we are happily free of that crappy white stuff. But sadly, I know my days are numbered as by Thanksgiving all of Utah has had its first really sticking snow :(