Oct 14, 2011

There's Your Trouble!

Recently I was looking for my recipe for Cowboy Salsa and couldn't find it. I knew I'd made it AND blogged about it... but I couldn't find where it was. I finally tracked it down by date because I knew that Debra and Jared served it at their wedding reception! OK... that was too much trouble!

SO... today I added a search feature to my blog. Yay! Hooray for little Joanie!

Now it you want to find something you have lots of options:
  • Search Engine (duh, that's the purpose of this post),
  • Click on any of the tags, it will pull up all the posts that tag is on,
  • OR have fun and just dig around...

Maybe you'd like to just use the new search engine.

Now we can all stay out of the thorn bushes (or in this case, Locust tree thorns)

locust thorn

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