Dec 3, 2011

Converation with my Pocket!

The other night Gordon and I were driving the short distance across town to have dinner at Lenny's (remember that commercial?) I could hear a beeping in my pocket where my iPhone was residing. I didn't recognize the particular alert sound it was making so I dug under the seat belt into my pants pocket, never an easy feat, and found that Siri had come alive in my pocket! What the chicken?

So I said, Siri, are you pocket dialing?
Siri: Joanie, I don't understand you.
Me: Are you trying to call some one?
Siri: Who would you like me to call?
Me: Are you on crack?
Siri: I'm sorry, Joanie. I'm afraid I can't answer that.
Me: Oh, go AWAY!
Siri: I was just trying to help.
Me: Bwahahahahaha!
Siri: Ha ha
By this time I was hysterically laughing... I can always use a good laugh...

1 comment:

Dean and Sheri said...

Hahahahaha.........That's awesome! Made me laugh too!