Dec 14, 2011

Vein Repetition

(just sayin')

I guess that when I had my varicose veins stripped in 2004 I thought that would be the last I had to worry about them. Sadly, not true... having a hereditary predisposition for them means they will reoccur! (poo)

So ages ago (October) friend-Holly, who works for a fine doctor, told me about vein ablation- a less invasive treatment. I had my ultrasound screening (almost continuous reflux) and consult, then set up a surgery date... which was rescheduled not once, twice, thrice but quadice bwahahahaha!! (This doctor just moved to a new facility and equipment wasn't up and running, a conference in Chicago, the nurse wasn't there that day...)

Last Tuesday I had the right leg done (they can't do both legs at once) and yesterday I had the left leg done. I told the doctor, "I don't know why I came back- all you did was hurt me last time!"

The "procedure" begins with yet another ultrasound so the tech could mark up my legs. Looks like she's getting ready to play dot to dot!

dot to dot

The purple marker denotes the greater saphenous and lesser saphenous veins, which will be ablated. The black marks denote phlebectomies. If you have a really strong constitution go to YouTube and check those procedures out... I can't do it... I tried... it gives me the jibbles! (say- hee-bell-aas... you know, the Spanish pronunciations!)

first marks

Then tech-girl rubs on a lidocaine cream and wraps my leg with good-ol-Costco-plastic-wrap! That keeps the numbing meds in contact with the skin better (this is also why they can't do both legs the same day. It would be too much for the body to handle all that lidocaine.)

plastic wrap

After consent forms I finally got into the "procedure" room with friend-Holly. I've known for ages that she works for this doctor. I had no idea she was the surgical assistant: gown, gloves, mask, cap, the whole bit. No wonder she is exhausted at the end of the day!! When the doctor came in he mildly scolded Holly for talking too much. We told him it was ok... we were best buds!

This is two days post procedure... I look like someone has beaten me with a rubber hose!  Yikes!  But at least this time I don't have staples-aka-Frankenstein legs!  I get to wear "fashion hose" for the next three weeks.  But this time I picked the right time of year.  Last time I did it in July (what was I thinking?)


I'm looking forward to pain-free days after the healing and without bulging veins. But today... not so much with the pain-free!


Cody said...

This looks so painful and not fun :( Shoot Favorite Aunt Joanie! I wish I could be there to cook you up somethin' good to eat! Be sure to take it easy and catch up on some of your favorite Christmas movies.

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I second what Cody said! Take it easy. At least you're getting it done in the winter when you like to do a lot of basking anyway. Hope the pain subsides soon.

PeerMurphy said...

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NanaSue said...

Yikes! To quote my sister: I always feel so much better about my veins after I look at yours!