Jan 31, 2012

Just Pull The Chain...

A century ago my daddy was a young man (yes... MY daddy was born in 1897!) who'd just moved from the rural Texas panhandle to Washington state. His family moved there for work. On their first night in a hotel my daddy, Jake and his brother, Lam, needed to use the bathroom. Back in Texas it was the outhouse or, on cold nights, just stand on the porch and point.

They asked a man in the hallway where the outhouse was. The man chuckled and pointed down the hall to a door. He told them to go in there to do their business and "just pull the chain when yer done!"

Dutifully they went into the bathroom and pulled the chain when finished! There was an almighty rush of water and they were sure they'd flooded the hotel. They tore out of the bathroom and down the hall past the man laughing and holding his sides. They went back later to investigate... and found that all was well.

It was their introduction to indoor *terlets*.

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