Jan 5, 2012

The Queen Monkey

Earlier this week both Gordon and Stuart made a fairly thorough search of the freezer trying to find some orange juice. Then they asked me, the Queen Monkey, if we had any OJ. I was able to locate 2 cans but I also realized that part of the problem was that the freezer badly needed-
  1. organizing
  2. defrosting
So this afternoon I made that my project. It's funny how a task as simple as defrosting a freezer can dredge up so many memories! But this day they were oozing out of the freezer along with the melted ice!
Memory #1- Back in the day, before frost-less freezers this was a horrible job that we had to tackle on a regular basis.  Mom found a cool *defroster* in some obscure catalog which amounted to a small heater that you placed in the freezer to hasten the defrosting.  Before that it was pans of boiling water. 
Memory #2- A bunch of years ago... sometime circa 1997 I decided that THE WAY to defrost the freezer was with the hose.  The freezer lived in the garage at the time and it just seemed like the quick-fix!  Quick-fix all right!  It froze the controls in the ON position and I had to call the repairman.  
Memory #3- With my Mom's defroster in mind and my pride still smarting from #2 above I rigged up a similar situation using a small person heater... I'm sure this is VERY safe... especially if the extension cord that the heater is plugged into is in the water on the floor!  Yikes!
My nice defrosted and organized freezer...

Memory #4- Being a thorough kind of girl I decided I'd wipe down the outside of the freezer as well... there were finger-prints and something that looked suspiciously like blood on the side of the freezer (ick!) plus accumulated dust.  That is when I looked- really looked- at this little sign that has lived on my freezer for at least 15 years!  It reads-
Please close the door tightly and push the bottom corner with your knee or foot (NO KICKING) or it won't close!  Don't forget!                            Signed- The Queen Monkey
Camille wrote the sign for me and attached it to the freezer.  As you can see it is so faded that it is almost impossible to read!

My reward for my hard work?  Not only a flood of happy memories but I found some Snickers ice cream bars I forgot were in there!


Dean and Sheri said...

Score on the OJ and SCORE on the Snickers. Speaking of Snickers...when Dean and I were living the young, starving newlywed life at BYU we had a neighbor that used her electric fry pan to defrost their freezer. Well...her husband unexpectedly came home for lunch one afternoon and they ended up spending some...er...uh...shall we say "quality time" together. *wink*wink* The electric fry pan was forgotten in the 'heat' of the moment (harharicrackmyselfup) and the freezer compartment of their refrigerator not only defrosted, it MELTED! 28 years later, I still get a good giggles outta that. =D

Laura H said...

I was the Defrosting Queen of my parents freezer. I'm so glad I dont have to do that anymore. Never found anything good like snickers!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I love the faded but adorable monkey Camille drew at the bottom of the note. So cute!

Pat said...

I like the sign!