Feb 27, 2012

1952-1970 Heritage Album

I've been busily working away at my heritage album for the last couple of weeks. Tonight I completed it! It is just short of 100 pages by two!

It has been a wonderful happy trip though my childhood. I love seeing those old photos again and remembering all of those *extra things* that just float into my mind as I study a moment caught in time.

I've labeled the spine... now it will live, happily, on the bookcase in my office. I still have some orphaned photos from 1971-1981... I suppose I will just add them to the existing photograph albums.

I've had some interesting thoughts as I wrapped up 1970... but that is another post.

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Dean and Sheri said...

I want to come for a visit...and just sit and go through your Heritage Album with you. And maybe eat some Lemon Bars. Yep. I'm gonna plan on that.