Feb 4, 2012


Since we got home from Arkansas I've started working on my 2011 Joanie's Balonie Blog Book. This will be my third year to publish my blog for the year. (ah, well, print... I don't imagine anyone else is clamouring to have my blog in print!)

There is just something that I love about the paper and ink. It's very tactile... it has heft and weight... I can just smell it right now!

Since I didn't do a photo each day last year it is coming along faster than previous years. I'm up to 123 pages through the end of June 2011.

My Twenty-Ten book was 404 pages. The sad story here is that I was totally finished with the book, proof-read and everything, when I went to upload it I found that Blurb had changed their layout so I had to go through and totally re-edit all of my pages since I use every square centimeter of printable space they'll give me! Ahhhhh..... I didn't finish until late summer! The upside is I got 40% off my order.

My 2009 book was 320 pages. I worked on it during the 2010 Winter Olympics and had it finished in February.

I've been very pleased with Blurb! Their prices are very reasonable, even without a discount. And their customer service is stellar. Last year my book arrived with some printing errors (IE- text cut off and photos that didn't bleed off the page as edited). I filled out the form, sent documentary photos of the problems and had a new correctly printed book in just a few days. AND they let me keep the book with mistakes (so now I have one to lend!)

I think I may go back and make a 2007-2008 blog book for consistency. I love the quality of the photos. I've usually done home printing of my journals, but now that I've inserted so many photos I want them to be nice.

I love this winter hiatus from yard work AND this year so far I haven't had to shovel any snow! Whee-haw!  Look at all of the time I have to create!


Marie Grady Palcic said...

what a great idea, turning a year of blogs into a book. thanks for sharing the idea!

Connie Smiley said...

Joanie, your blog book looks wonderful! I haven't done one of those, but like you, I have been very pleased with the quality of Blurb for photo books.