Feb 28, 2012

Joanie circa 1977

The Black and White eDition

Yesterday, when I was digging through MORE boxes and STILL finding photos, I found this one. It lived for nearly 20 years in the bottom drawer of my dresser in a funky K&S dime store bag. But when we moved here we got rid of that ancient (seriously, ancient) dresser and it has since resided in a box in the dungeon! (By the way... how many more places do I HAVE photos?)

Kim's texture this week is called Happy Heart! I love that term! I choose to embrace that mindset! This photo was taken in the summer of 1977, one of my most turbulent of that decade. BUT, wonderful but, I had learned that-


I know that happiness is a choice. Yes, it is easier to choose happiness if all around you is going smoothly, but it is MY choice nonetheless! I'm so grateful for that knowledge. And do I really have to make that choice all on my own? No, never! I always have the tender-loving care of a kind Heavenly Father.

texture tuesday facts-
kk- happy heart blending mode multiply 80%



leannewitney said...

I love that your eyes twinkle in this photo!

Evelyn S. said...

I love your recognition of your 'happiness guru.' It's easy to forget that fact, unfortunately. Great portrait.

Tawna said...

Thank you for the reminder.It is completely my choice.I am responsible.I am in charge. BUT, I am not alone!

Pat said...

I love your photo and the story behind it. "Happy Heart" says it all!

Pat said...

What a lovely portrait!

Dean and Sheri said...

....and I believe that choosing to be happy (genuine happiness, not "I got some cute new shoes" happiness) makes a person more beautiful. YOU are beautiful inside and out, my dear friend. LOVE this sweet photo of you. And I don't see just Joanie...I see Rebekah, Spencer, Stewart and Camille too. =)