Mar 15, 2012


When I was planning my trip to California I wanted to make sure that I was here for the Wax Museum Night at Rivergold School. I've been here two other years: first for Sir Isaac [Fig] Newton, then for Alexander the Great Grape! But, great sadness, who is it this year? Just boring old Leonardo DiVinci! What fun can I have with that name? I thought maybe Ninja turtle... definitely not going for DiCaprio.

Here is a little know fact that I learned last night... Leo was in the percussion section in the band. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HE HAD A BAND! Wow!

But- seriously! Have you ever seen a cuter Leo? My Leo is cuter than your Leo!

We ran across several characters that we met in years past... there was Demeter- her daughter got mixed up with Hades and had to live for 6 months every year in the underworld. Sad, sad, sad... (but look at her darling freckles!)

Not too far away was Cerberus, Hades' watchdog! Woof! This was not a nice character... he was a bit grumpy... I guess being the baddest dude's dog will do that to you! (He didn't like our question about whether he was Hagrid's 3-headed dog, Fluffy!)

Galileo definitely rocked the best beard...

And, DUDE! Did ya' not think about how cold it would be on March 14th when you picked your character? Adam needed a fur coat!

But this, hands-down is the cutest mad French chefie girl I know!

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