Mar 24, 2012

My Darling Boys

One of the greatest pleasures of a Grammie's life is... well, being a Grammie! I got to see the Flynn Boys while I was in California. And you would think with handsome grandsons like this I would have gotten more photos, or photos of Grammie and boys to show how they've grown or JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! I guess I just have to be satisfied that I remembered to get out my camera the morning I was leaving (and I'm not in the photos because I'm rockin' my Minnie Mouse pj's and have Super-Hero-Villian-Hair... that's what Brock tells me!)

Here's Tadhg... aka King Ginger! He breaks hearts were ever he goes! Tadhg's as tall as his mom.

Caden, still just a sweet and sensitive as ever.

Yeah... but as tall as me now!

And what's up with this? How did baby-Brock get to be 10 1/2? He is such a precious boy. He looks like he belongs on the front of that cereal box!

We gave the boys haircuts the night before I left; I did Tadhg and Caden and Mama did Brock's. This is Brock-Fauxhawk! Sans the fauxhawk he is up to my nose.

We had such a lovely visit... but I miss them already.

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