May 7, 2012

Baby Jude

I'd like to introduce our newest little angel... Jude McNeil Lewis. He was born, yesterday, May 6 at 4:27 am. He weighs 7lbs 2oz and is 20". He joins a very happy brother, Christian- who's been hoping for a brother! and sisters Ashton, Roxie and Sophie. Doug and Jessica are his proud parents.

When Jess brought out this owl hat I was so pleased and surprised! She'd seen the photos I took of baby Bronx last month and was crazy about this little owl hat (well, all things owl!) So her sweet sister made one for baby Jude. I love it!

As you can see, we didn't let him get more than a few hours old before we had our first photo shoot! I told him to get used the the sound of Grammie's shutter clicking!

You may recognize this fabric from Spencer and Deborah's wedding quilt and my party skirt! When I mentioned that I still had fabric leftover after the skirt Jessica hinted that she really liked green and brown too! (Who doesn't?) I also used the Chenille-It on the quilt. I'm in love with this product...

As I was quilting I saw this perfect 4-patch! And I just happened to know the perfect 4-letter word to go in it... J-U-D-E!

Last evening, after dinner, Doug caught me doing my FAVORITE of all Grammie-duties! Loving my babies.

I'm so blessed to have my family! I love them so much.

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Breanne said...

He is just precious. And the hat is adorable. I am completely jealous of that quilt, fabulous. you are amazing. Someday I hope to be as cool and as talented as you Joanie!