Jun 6, 2012

Jude- 4 weeks old

OK now that I've given Jessica time to post her favorites of baby-Jude now I can do MY post about my newest grandson! It's always a good thing to start them young and get them used to a paparazzi Grammie. (His first shoot was when he was just hours old!)

I just love his little Shar Pei puppy forehead! Seriously, how cute is this baby?

I just love being able to do a newborn photo shoot of my very own grandson...

I love the mama & bebe photos...

I love his tiny, fuzzy little head...

(And can I add that Jessica has the most beautiful hands? Some girls have all the luck... cute babies AND beautiful hands!)

I even got a photo of Jude with both eyes open!

He is usually sound asleep.

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