Jun 29, 2012


Our sweet-baby-Jude has a big day coming up. He's going to be blessed this Sunday. Jessica was telling me that her sister bought matching tiny-baby ties for Jude and his two boy cousins, who were born within days of each other, to wear for the big occasion. I happened to arrive at Jude's house while Jessica was looking online for little-man-shirts to go with his blessing tie. They were $28! So I blithely said, "Oh, I'll make him one!" and took his measurements. (How many 7 week-old babies have you seen getting measured for a shirt?)

That was Monday... Tuesday morning the sinus infection that has been lurking in my... well, sinuses, took over my head! I felt like one of those cartoon characters who has an air pump hooked up to their head and someone is inflating it. Luckily I was able to get an appointment in 20 minutes (how soon can you get here... 20 minutes to wash my hair and get dressed)...turns out I had an ear infection as well! Bah!

After my first dose of antibiotics, some more Benadryl Severe Sinus and a rest I thought I could tackle the task of making up a little shirt for Jude. HA!


First I looked for a pattern, any pattern, that would give me a start... I'd forgotten that all pattern makers believe that BABIES are born at 15-20 pounds. What planet are they from when they think a *newborn* pattern will fit a one-year-old?

Well, let's scrap that idea... so I got to do my favorite thing... make it up as I go! So using the GARGANTUAN newborn pattern, my handmade pattern pieces from the little blessing dresses I make for granddaughters and Jude's measurements I made this...

But by the time I got to this point I was exhausted, my head was starting to inflate again and I just said... NUTS TO THIS, I'll buy something!

To cover my bases I stopped at Kohl's and picked up a somewhat acceptable substitute on my way home from the Temple yesterday. It's very cute monkey-wear for our newest little Zoo creature.

But then I walked into my sewing room today and here was this little white onesie shirt all cut out and calling to me... Oh ALL RIGHT!

So I put in a few hours working on this little shirt for our newest little man.

As I was sewing on the snaps I remembered that sometime in the last 52 years I thought that when I finished sewing on the snap I *NEEDED* to run the needle through this tiny hole! Why? I can't even remember.

I'll be back on Sunday of Jude in his first *Little-Man-Shirt*!

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Anonymous said...

Sure seems like it would require a lot of work to make something turn out as good as that. Thanks for sharing!
-Jackie @ Baby ties