Nov 10, 2012

Paper Snowflakes

Recently I pinned some paper snowflakes on Pinterest so I had to try them!!!

front window

I made this snowman last night... but I didn't know how to fold the paper to make the *authentic* 6-pointed snowflake, so Frosty is the *old-school* 8-pointed version. (And, yes, I iron them carefully with a hot dry iron to get the folds out!)


But this morning, after being outside (more on that later), I came in and it was obvious that I needed to Google *how to make 6-pointed paper snowflakes* and I found the folding directions right off the bat (I also found Tom Llewellyn's site... he is a champion snowflake-maker!)

This was my first try at the 6-pointed version...


BTW- I found that after I fold the 8 1/2 square in half diagonally twice (see more detailed instruction here) and needed to fold that triangle in thirds if I measure in 3" from folded edge[s] (along the long side of the triangle) it gives me that perfect 30* angle.

These snowflakes also found their life in my office...

tiny hearts



By the time I finished several I thought I could branch out on my own with a paisley and ended up with this... in two pieces!!



But I'm still working on the design for my paisley snowflake and will post it when I get it perfected.

My thumbs started to protest so I'd just put things aside when Kevin, Camille, Brennan, Kaia and Elise arrived for a visit. Well, Grammie had something more interesting than the dungeon this time!!!

kids at counter

I brought the tools and supplies down to the kitchen counter and these sweeties went to work making their own snowflakes. I showed them how to fold the paper. When I showed them some of the design ideas they went to town. Kaia went out completely on her own for both of her snowflakes... what a creative girl. Brennan worked completely on his own; cutting and everything! Elise chose the design she wanted and then depended on Grammie and Mama to help her draw and cut.

How stinkin' cute is this?

kaia, elise, brennan w snowflakes

(and yes, I mean the kids and their snowflakes!)

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Breanne said...

Joanie these are amazing! They are so beautiful. I want to make these and hang in my windows.