Dec 2, 2012

Snowflake Summary

Last month I was bitten, and bitten hard, by the creative bug! I started cutting paper snowflakes and almost couldn't stop!

This is the little man [men] that started it all.  Shan says they look like geckos with hats on. (See their little pointed legs?)  Actually it is snowmen... cut in an 8-sided snowflake.

Pinterest snowflake (8 snowmen)

From there it just mushroomed out of control... but I LOVE IT!! I've had so much fun creating. I've given some away, others got destroyed when I tried to open the window to remove the screen. They've been up and down on the windows so many times they are dizzy. With all of this effort and creating I knew I needed to save them so I bought an inexpensive laminater (thank you Amazon) and they are all safely incased!

So, in alphabetical order (who me? OCD?) are my creations. I just gave them names when as I went along.

Bottle brush tree

bottle brush tree

Crown of thorns

crown of thorns

Crown of thorn 2

crown of thorns 2

I thought these looked like diaper pins, but the original idea was a snowflake. (So, where should this be alphabetized? D or S?)

diaper pins



This one got the name of *Oh My! It's and addiction!* but started life as a flower.

Oh My! It's addicting!

Tiny hearts

tiny hearts

This one has a funny story. When I posted this on Instagram I said, "I feel like a little girl again! White paper, scissors and patience are making me so happy."

Julie Biggs told me she thought they looked like the Springville Mighty Red Devils. (But they are just wannabes!)

mighty red devil wannabe, I feel like a little girl again. White paper, scissors and patience are making me so happy.

So... I HAD to make a "for real" Might Red Devils snowflake.

Mighty Red Devils

This one has a story too. It was one of my firsts and I misjudged my cutting and ended up with two pieces- a doily...

doily (failed paisley)

And the inside which look like hooks to me... or just the inside of a failed paisley =-(

hooks (failed paisley)

This is my first successful attempt at the paisley, unfortunately, it is one of those that got destroyed trying to remove the screens.

paisley snowflake, design based on a free-motion quilting pattern I use

So I made this one...


But I knew I could do better so I made this one! I love this shot taken with it in silhouette against the blue sky outside!

snowflake tutorial pic

Here it is on the boring wall!

paisley 2

Then I had a flash! Owl snowflakes... the next three all live at Margee's house. She's an owl lover. I call them...

Owl 1

owl 1

Owl 2

owl 2

And, owl 3 (very original!).

owl 3

As I ferreted on the internet for ideas I saw pineapples... this was my first attempt- tiny pineapples.

tiny pineapples

I remembered that my friend, Tom, had cut snowflakes for years and found his tutorial online, so I copied his design. He says it is pineapples, turtles and waves.

pineapples, turtles, waves

But I wanted BIG pineapples! This is my favorite pineapple snowflake.

large pineapples

A snowflake...


And another snowflake.

snowflake 2

The little 8-sided snowmen that started it all...

8 snowmen

His round-dozen-cousins...

12 snowmen

And, just six snowmen.

6 snowmen

This pretty one lives with my friend, DeLoris. I think I need to make another one of these for me. I do have one pane open in my office window.


This lovely is one of the first ones I made. I loved the whole star concept. But, sadly, it was another casualty of removing the screens, before I got my laminater.


When I posted this on Instagram Debra said it was a "Star Valley" snowflake... so I made one for them.

star valley snowflake

Then, like I said, I kind of went crazy with the whole star concept. And I won't bore you by listing the unoriginal names of: star 1, star 2, etc.

shooting stars 1

shooting stars 2

star 6

star 4

star 5

star 3

star 1

stars 2


This was another design that spoke to me... I love all of the pokes that look like a thorn bush.

thorn bush 1

And another thorn bush.

thorn bush 2

This is my Christmas tree with some falling stars.

Christmas tree

And a very Grinchy-tree.

grinch tree

This is my *Top of the List* favorite one- The Tree of Life, which represents the love of God.

tree of life

A woven basket.

woven basket

And a wreath or a stained-glass window.


I've run out of panes on my living room and office windows... but I will probably be making more. What a delightful journey this has been.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wow, auntie! I think you went a little nuts there...but they're amazing! And as usual, when you decide to do something, you do it thoroughly & beautifully :)