Sep 17, 2013

For This Child I Prayed

I can't think of a better sentiment or, in this case, scripture to describe the arrival of a healthy baby.

for this child I prayed photo 17-forthischildIprayed_zps7e0573eb.jpg

(Do I see Grampy fingers here?)

We did a mini photo shoot yesterday but Miss Fiona couldn't like it! Before I knew I needed to stop torturing the baby I got some wonderful baby-parts photos.

feet photo 17-babyfeet_zps98399da0.jpg

head photo 17-head_zps1561ec48.jpg

And the rest of this darling baby...

fiona 6-days photo 17-fiona6-daysold_zps273225c6.jpg

We love you so much baby Fiona. Indeed, we did pray for you!

1 comment:

SOnny said...

Well you did great. I love the toesies...she is a delight.